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At Spring Lane we believe a high quality technology curriculum should be an integral part of the whole school curriculum and one that staff, pupils and parents understand. Our school recognises the values that a high quality Technology curriculum gives pupils.

As computing technology underpins today’s modern lifestyle it is essential that all pupils gain the knowledge, confidence and ability that they need in this subject, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. We will achieve this by providing a broad and balanced technology curriculum.


 The progression document below shows the key knowledge and skills children are expected to have understood for each year group.


Our Technology curriculum, while covering the National Curriculum, aims develop digital literacy and will allow pupils to learn about themselves and the wider technological world around them. Basic IT skills are covered, eg making a simple google document, using Paint programs, the children’s experience soon develop and become more advanced, e.g. creating web pages, computer games and animation. Pupils will understand the necessary precautions to take, to stay safe and know where to seek help. No child will feel threatened or unsafe whilst online at school or at home. The use of Computing also enhances and extends our children’s learning across the whole curriculum whilst contributing to motivation and the development of social skills.



Assessment of Technology is conducted by class teachers. This assessment is regular and informs planning for future lessons.



Progression in Computing

Fundamentals of Computing