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At Spring Lane we aim to offer a high-quality Art education in line with the National Curriculum.

Half-termly topics allow for all children from Year 1 to Year 6 to gain an in-depth understanding of a wide range of art skills and techniques. These skills, once refined, can later be applied in various contexts as part of a more complex or collaborative piece. Children will also gain an appreciation of artistic work throughout history, being able to evaluate and critique existing artwork, in addition to articulating how a particular piece makes them feel.

Further to this, the Art curriculum fosters the opportunity for children to be creative whilst using a wide range of media, allowing them to explore their ideas and express life experiences.

The progression document below shows the key knowledge and skills children are expected to have acquired for each year group.



Our Art curriculum, while covering the National Curriculum, aims to excite the children and allow them the opportunity to develop their own skills as artists as they progress through the school. 

Art is incorporated within other curriculum subjects such as DT, RE. geography and history. The knowledge and skills that are covered throughout the Art curriculum are revisited and refined at numerous stages in the child’s educational journey.

Through the revisiting of key knowledge, children become increasingly confident in the application of the various artistic techniques that are taught. Art lessons are linked to the half-termly curriculum topics, resulting in strong cross-curricular links being formed and many occasions to apply previously learnt knowledge and techniques.

 Lessons adopt an approach whereby children are taught a new skill, have the opportunity to develop and refine this skill before later independently applying this technique. This practical approach allows the children to familiarise themselves with the various tools and skills that are essential in order to create effective pieces of work.



Assessment of art is conducted by class teachers using children’s work from their books, Seesaw and Learning Journey. This assessment is regular and informs planning for future lessons.


Progression in Art and Design

Fundamentals of Art and Design