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School Strategic Plan

Spring Lane Primary School Strategic Plan 2019/2020


Statement of intent

By the end of July 2020 Spring Lane Primary School pupils will receive an engaging, balanced, progressive, relevant curriculum and as a result achieve well.

We will continue to be an integral part of the development of the trust. We actively encourage teachers to be collaborative, learning from others and sharing best practice.

We aspire to have:

  • An inspiring curriculum – children have high levels of curiosity and a desire to expand their knowledge.
  • Secure outcomes - more children are reaching the expected standard in each year group.
  • Aspirational leadership - teams are actively owning their phase improvements.

What will this look like in our school?

Leadership and management

  • Ensure staff are well supported to implement the curriculum.
  • Teams will work effectively together to ensure that they receive focussed and highly effective professional development.
  • Staff feel valued and leadership manage staff workload effectively.
  • Governors will be fully engaged in the life of the school


Quality of education

  • Lessons are well planned to ensure all children can access the curriculum to make accelerated progress.
  • Teacher assessment and planning identifies and addresses gaps in children’s knowledge.
  • Reading is prioritised across the school.


Behaviour and attitudes

  • Children are consistently positive about their learning and take pride in all work.
  • Children can accept set-backs and mistakes as part of the learning process and learn from these.
  • New PSHE scheme is embedded across the school.


Personal development

  • The children receive the opportunity through the curriculum to prepare to contribute positively to society.
  • The school council, houses and peer leadership responsibilities are an integral part of the school.
  • Children have access to rich experiences through the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities.