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Vision, Aims and Values

Our Vision



Aims- Whole School Intent


At Spring Lane Primary  School, pupils will receive an engaging, balanced, progressive, relevant curriculum and as a result achieve well.

We will continue to be an integral part of the trust. We actively encourage teachers to be collaborative, learning from others and sharing best practice.

We aspire to have:

•       An inspiring curriculum – children have high levels of curiosity and a desire to expand their knowledge.

•       Secure outcomes - more children are reaching the expected standard in each year group.

    •       Aspirational leadership - teams actively own their phase and subject improvements.




At Spring Lane Primary, we value and recognise the potential in every child within our community and will work tirelessly in close partnership with parents and carers to ensure all children reach that potential.


We embrace our diverse community and rich variety of home languages, cultures, faiths and traditions by following our school values of RESILIENCE, RESPECT, COLLABORATION, CURIOSITY AND INDEPENDENCE



We believe these values  will help our children become 21st Century Learners.